Recyclability and sustainability, our philosophy.

Attention to the environment has always represented an important pillar of our company which over the past years has tried to promote sustainable development. Our mission is to minimise the environmental impact of our products at the end of their cycle, in particular by reducing the production of waste to a minimum and maximising recycling according to the cardinal principles of the circular economy.
For this reason we have dedicated time and resources to develop the production processes, select raw materials, optimise production facilities with an awareness for the protection of the environment and at the same time, the health of our consumers.  

In order to be see our efforts recognised, we have submitted our products to the Aticelca® evaluation method according to the UNI 11743 normative. This is a scientific method which is widely recognised by technicians and experts who work in the paper industry.

Today, thanks to the results obtained through these tests, we are proud to be able to guarantee our customers products with the trade mark ‘recyclable with paper - Aticelca ® 501’ to which a high degree of recyclability has been assigned.



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