Artigiancarta has years experience behind it, experiences consisting of successes and transformation which today make it a highly competitive component...

It was acquired in 1994 by the Donnini family, who thanks to continual investments over the years, have helped the company grow into one of the most important reference points for the food packaging sector. Artigiancarta has a facility of more than 38,000 square metres of which 8,000 square metres are covered. Artigiancarta follows each step of the production process from the design to the final printing, constantly checking the quality of each production phase. Since 1997, with the aid of research conducted by Artigiancarta and the in-house development of its own production systems, state of the art machinery has been created. Machinery designed within the company together with its design team.

These developments together with projects in collaboration with important universities have allowed the company to register patents in various fields of the food sector. Artigian Carta continues to satisfy the demands of the market thanks to its staff, the continual quest for innovation and to its machines of the latest generation. The company operates a commercial network in Italy but also in the USA and in the future plans to expand towards some important markets such as the middle east and central and eastern Europe.