Artigian Carta has a long story behind it, made up of successes and transformations which have turned it into a competitive reality in today’s market. The Donnini family bought out the company in 1994. Today, thanks to various investments, it has become a reference point in the food packaging sector. Artigian carta has a facility of more than 38,000 square metres of which 8,000 square metres are covered. Artigian carta follows each step of the production process from the initial design to the final product.

Since 1997 it has started to study and develop its own productive systems in-house and today it boasts complex production lines which are completely automated. These developments, together with collaboration with important Universities, has allowed the company to register patents in various fields in the food sector. Thanks to all this, today it continues to grow and it has expanded into foreign markets like U.S.A, the middle east and central and eastern Europe.

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