Never Ending Packaging Possibilities

Putting forward innovative food packaging solutions has always been our aim. Over the years our staff have increased and become more specialised enabling the company to become a reliable partner for our customer base which has become more and more demanding, from mass distribution chains and industrial producers to artisanal companies. The high quality standards, the width of the range offered, the in depth studies of materials and new eco-sustainable tendencies brought together in a prepared commercial network are the strong points which keep the name Artigian Carta high.

The attention which we have always given to our market, which in 2016 brought us to create our own in-house graphics department to help our customers choose its own customised packaging. Every proposal is made with maximum reserve and the art work in colour and 3D gives the customer the satisfaction of seeing what the finished product would look like.

1_packaging_full_2.png packaging_full_2.png packaging_full_3.png