Artigian Carta, always sensitive to environmental matters and sustainable development, has started a certification process for the recyclability of its own products. 

The objective is to supply its customers with reliable information supported by a scientific method for the recyclability of the products .

For this reason, Artigian Carta has adopted the Aticelca® evaluation system according to the UNI 11743 normative which, via laboratory analysis that simulates the same conditions used by paper mills to recycle, it allows you to measure the level of recyclability of any product made of paper or cardboard including printed, glued, duplex or laminated items. 

Aticelca® is the Association which brings together technicians and experts who work in the paper industry. Founded in 1967, Aticelca® has always had the goal of offering its associates technical and scientific knowledge which enables them to improve the production methods for paper and for the raw materials used in the paper industry. 

Aticelca is the technical branch of Assocarta and it actively cooperates with other technical organisations in Italy and abroad.

The Aticelca® 501 UNI 11743 evaluation system allows us to assign to the type of product which undergoes the lab tests, a classification on 4 levels, which goes from the minimum designation of ‘C’ to the maximum designation of ‘A+’ which is the expression of the degree of recyclability of the same product.With the Aticelca® evaluation system it is therefore possible:

• To declare the recyclability of a product on the basis of data measured in a scientific manner;

• To write next to the product the phrase “RECYCLABLE WITH PAPER” - Aticelca® 501 UNI 11743.

At the moment Artigiancarta has tested the products of the Europa series (trays made from wood pulp cardboard). Based on the results of these tests, they are certified Level A (Aticelca® 501 UNI 11743): “recyclable with paper efficaciously and efficiently from a technological and economical point of view when used with the most common production technology for paper, mixed with other secondary fibres obtained through a separate paper collection. Recycling this product results in a waste by-product of less than 10%.

Artigian carta is authorised to use the above mentioned trademarks for the specific products and the trademark SISTEMA ATICELCA® 501  as seen on the left.