Trend - Gold

The historical range of trays enriches the value of tradition with details which improve its looks and functionality. The design has become more sophisticated and modern. The rounded edge allows the tray to contain more product, the improved rigidity makes it more stable and safe. The central oval which you can find in all our range of products, optimises the customisation process.

Technical features

White side of tray with glossy treatment
Coated with polyester film in shiny gold
Rounded corners
White rear

Customization Gallery


Customer logo can be embossed on central oval
The trays can be printed with a centred or continual print in 1 to 4 colours
Coloured film can be used on request
Film and board can be suitable for metal detectors


     The certificate FSC® is available on request

Code Numbering Size in mm edge/edge Pieces per Pack
  AC Milano    
VOTREND2 2 2 140x190 10
VOTREND2B 2B 2B 150x200 10
VOTREND3 3 3 170x240 10
VOTREND3L 3L 4 190x270 10
VOTREND4 4 5 200x300 10
VOTREND5 5 6 230x320 10
VOTREND6 6 7 260x350 10
VOTREND7 7 8 290x385 10
VOTREND7B 7B 8B 310x420 10
VOTREND8 8 9 340x470 10
VOTREND9 9 10 370x505 10
VOTREND10 10 11 420x550 10
The products comply to the current regulations for food contact and are complete with certifications, technical data sheet  and traceability.