Rondò - Gold

A special and innovative tray. A round shaped tray where attention is paid to the tiniest detail. The characteristic rounded and high sides make it ideal for more liquid products. Thanks to the elaborate, elegant and sophisticated base it brings out the best in the products you display and protects them even during transportation. The Rondo tray is resistant without losing its elegant appearance. It is practical and versatile, ideal for all types of foods. It can replace plastic trays with lower costs.

Technical features

White side of tray with gloss treatment
Coated with PET shiny gold film
Rounded and high sides
Generic print in one colour on rear

Customization Gallery


Customer's logo can be embossed in central ring
Centred or continual printing from 1 to 4 colours
Can be laminated with coloured film of your choice
Film and/or board can be suitable for metal detector
Code size in mm edge to edge size of base in mm pieces per pack

     The certificate FSC® is available on request

Code External Size in mm edge/edge Size in mm Base Pack Pieces per Pack

Ø 185

Ø 160 150 (2x75)
RON21 Ø 215 Ø 180 150 (2x75)
RON23 Ø 235 Ø 200 150 (2x75)
RON25 Ø 255 Ø 220 100 (2x50)
RON28 Ø 285 Ø 240 100 (2x50)
RON31 Ø 315 Ø 270 100 (2x50)
RON34 Ø 345 Ø 305 50

Shrinkwrapped packs then boxed.
All products are certified for food contact and comply to regulations regarding food safety and traceability. Technical data sheets available.