Lilium - Ramage Pearl

Beauty combined with the maximum practicality for a wide range of trays made from cardboard laminated with shiny gold film. Elegance and quality give an excellent packaging mix. The characteristic leaf shaped corner makes the tray innovative and unique placing it at the pinnacle of current production. 
The base of the tray shows the delicate and elegant pearl damask effect which gives it a unique style which together with the oval allows the tray to be embossed with a company logo.

Technical features

White side of tray with gloss treatment
transparent polyester film
Rounded corners
Generic printing in one colour GREY PEARL
Leaf shaped corner increases the base size 
White rear
Product suitable for metal detectors

Customization Gallery


Customers' logo can be embossed in the central oval
The trays can be printed on rear  with a centred or continual print in 1 to 4 colours

     The certificate FSC® is available on request

Code External Size in mm edge/edge Pieces per Pack
LILIUMR 2 120x180 400 (2x200)
LILIUMR 2B 145x205 300 (2x150)
LILIUMR 3 168x238 300 (2x150)
LILIUMR 4 186x263 250 (2x125)
LILIUMR 5 205x287 200 (2x100)
LILIUMR 6 225x318 150 (2x75)
LILIUMR 7 254x350 150 (2x75)
LILIUMR 8 270x375 100 (2x50)
LILIUMR 8B 310x410 80
LILIUMR 9 340x470 50
Packed in boxes with smaller inner shrink wrapped packs.
The products comply to the current regulations for food contact and are complete with certifications, technical data sheet  and traceability.