Street Food


Resistant, practical to use and high quality printing for the range of plates dedicated to FAST FOOD.

Technical features

Made in highest quality card of 270g to 400g per square metre
Polythene or plastic coated accordino to the shape of the plate

Customization Gallery


Centred or continuous printing in 1 to 4 colours
Laminated with coloured film on request
Compostable film

Code Description Dimensions in mm Pieces per pack Generic printing
PIAT. 1/8 Pizza plate 1/8 portion 2x400 (800) white
PIAT. 1/4 Pizza plate 1/4 portion 2x250 (500) 1 colour orange
PIAT. 24 Square plate 235x235 2x250 (500) white
*P. OVALE Oval plate 200x260 2x250 (500) white
*available on request.
Packed in boxes with smaller inner shrink wrapped packs
The products comply to the current regulations for food contact and are complete with certifications, technical data sheet  and traceability