Street Food

Natural KA Fries Holder

Fried food is the star of street food and it is irresistible when eaten outdoors, but to serve it at its best the ideal support must be studied specifically. In Havana kraft cardboard, the Natural KA fries holders are perfect for containing accompanying sauces and dips too.


Technical features

Made from Havana kraft board on one side and cellulose on the other
Grammage 250g
Greaseproof 20%

Customization Gallery


centred or continuous printing on rear in 1 to 4 colours on rear.
Can be embossed in centre of plate
It is possible to have a higher greaseproof kit

Code Description Pieces per Pack
BIOKA.POV1019 Oval plate for fried food 10x19 2x250 (500 Pcs.)
Packed in boxes with smaller inner shrink wrapped packs.
The products comply to the current regulations for food contact and are complete with certifications, technical data sheet  and traceability.

*Available on request