Street Food

Crepes holder

Street food and crêpes are a well loved association and it is difficult to resist these delicious specialities, which to be savoured right need the right packaging. This crêpe holder is easy to assemble with a tab for closure. The classic cone shape stops you getting dirty while the PET film keeps the heat in.

Technical features

Made from coated board with Kraft Havana rear of GSM 290g
Internal side laminated with transparent PET film
Generic print in 1 colour
Closure with quick fitting side tab 

Customization Gallery


Centred or continuous printing in 1 to 4 colours
Lamination with coloured film

      The certificate FSC® is available on request

Code Description Pieces per Pack
P.CREPES Crepes holder medium 155x220 250
Packed in boxes with smaller inner shrink wrapped packs.
The products comply to the current regulations for food contact and are complete with certifications, technical data sheet  and traceability.

*Available on request