Piping Bags

Piping Bags

Our piping bags help you to decorate your cakes. They are practical to use and the wetter they become, the more slip proof they are. They are made with three layers of material to make them very resistant even to the use of various nozzles. They are coloured in order to make any off cuts which could fall onto the desserts while working very evident.


Technical features

Three layers of 75 mc film.
Standard colour blue.
Non slip surface.
Can be used with or without nozzles

Customization Gallery


It is possible to order it made from green or transparent film

Code Mouth in mm. Length in mm. Diagonal in mm. Pieces per Pack
*SACP400 21 40 45 100
*SACP460 28 46 52 100
SACP530 28 53 60 100
*Product available on request in 8 working days/ Boxes of 6 dispenser boxes.
Products comply to current standards regarding direct food contact and are complete with certification, technical data sheet and traceability