Paper Doilies

Rectangular paper doilies

The traditional doily still adds value and care to many dishes.

Technical features

Glazed paper with GSM 60g.


Hot printing
Paraffin treated paper available on request 

Code Size in cm Pieces per pack
CPR15x20 15x20 100
CPR15x25 15x25 100
CPR15x30 15x30 100
CPR15x35 15x35 100
CPR18x45 18x45 100
CPR20x30 20x30 100
CPR20x35 20x35 100
CPR25x35 25x35 100
CPR30x40 30x40 100
CPR35x45 35x45 100
CPR40x50 40x50 100
CPR40x60 40x60 100
CPR45x55 45x55 100
CPR50x60 50x60 100
CPR50x70 50x70 100
The products comply to the current regulations for food contact and are complete with certifications, technical data sheet and traceability