Min Pastries

Tray for pralines and biscuits

Elegance and care for the packaging of mini pastries and petits-fours. The board is laminated with gold film, the tray edges are high and the base is embossed. Not only do they emphasise the look of the product but they also play a technical role in protecting the contents of the tray

Technical features

Board laminated with shiny gold polyester film
Rounded and high edge
Generic back printing in one colour

Customization Gallery


It can be embossed
It can be printed with centred or continual design in 1 to 4 colours
Film and/or board suitable for metal detectors can be used

Code Description External dimensions in mm Dimensions of base in mm Pieces per pack
VASBC1 Small gold tray 120x200 h.26 100x180 h.26 50
VASBC2 Medium gold tray 170x230 h.20 145x200 h.20 50
VASBC3 Large gold tray 170x240 h.20 145x210 h.20 50
Packed in boxes
All products are certified for food contact and comply to regulations regarding food safety and traceability. Technical data sheets available.