Eco organic area


Ecological strips for direct food contact with a very competitive price. Rigid but light weight, they replace the strips made from recycled card which are not food grade.

Technical features

Extremely rigid
100% water resistant
30% grease resistant
100% biodegradable
50% saving on conai taxes for weight of packaging


Size in cm Packs of Kg
STPL450 4x50 10
STPL470 4x70 10
STPL4100 4x100 10
STPL550 5x50 10
STPL570 5x70 10
STPL5100 5x100 10
STPL650 6x50 10
STPL670 6x70 10
STPL6100 6x100 10
STPL7100 7x100 10
Special sizes can be cut/Shrinkwrapped
All products are certified for food contact and comply to regulations regarding food safety and traceability. Technical data sheets available.