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A special innovational round tray with the respect for minimum details. Its characteristic rounded and high sides make it ideal to contain and transport even the most delicate foods such as bakery items.
The Rondò tray with its patterned base is elegant and sophisticated. It is resistant, practical, versatile and ideal for all types of foodstuffs. It can replace plastic with lower costs and less harm to the environment.

Technical features

Extremely rigid
100% water resistant
30% grease resistant
100% biodegradable
50% saving on conai taxes for weight of packaging
Breathable base
Product suitable for metal detector

Customization Gallery


Customer logo can be embossed in central ring
Ramage Newline Artigian Carta

Code Edge to edge dimensions in mm Dimensions of base in mm Packs
RON18EU Ø 185 Ø 160 150 (2x75)
RON21EU Ø 215 Ø 180 150 (2x75)
RON23EU Ø 235 Ø 200 150 (2x75)
RON25EU Ø 255 Ø 220 100 (2x50)
RON28EU Ø 285 Ø 240 100 (2x50)
RON31EU Ø 315 Ø 270 100 (2x50)
RON34EU Ø 345 Ø 305 50
All products are certified for food contact and comply to regulations regarding food safety and traceability. Technical data sheets available.