Eco organic area

Cake boxes

The ecological version of the classic cake box. The absence of external coloured printing makes it suitable for food contact whilst mainting the elegance and aesthetics of cardboard in pure cellulose. Produced on request.

Technical features

Highest quality cardboard gives an excellent consistency
Corners with anti-drop system

Customization Gallery


The customer's logo can be embossed on 1 to four sides

CODE Dimensions in cm Pieces per box
PTPL19 190x190x70 100 (4x25)
PTPL21 210x210x70 100 (4x25)
PTPL23 230x230x70 100 (4x25)
PTPL25 250x250x70 100 (4x25)
PTPL27 270x270x70 100 (4x25)
PTPL29 290x290x70 100 (4x25)
PTPL31 310x310x70 100 (4x25)
PTPL33 330x330x70 100 (4x25)
PTPL36 360x360x70 50 (2x25)
PTPL39 390x390x70 50 (2x25)
PTPL41 410x410x70 50 (2x25)
PTPL43 430x430x70 50 (2x25)
Product available to order in 7 working days. Small shrinkwrapped packs with outer carboard box.All products are certified for food contact and comply to regulations regarding food safety and traceability. Technical data sheets available.