Eco organic area

Europa trays

The traditional rectangular tray revisited using superior quality material: pure cellulose. Not a detail is left untouched from the rounded corners to the breathable base making it pleasant to look at and functional at the same time.

Technical features

Extremely rigid
100% water resistant
30% grease resistant
100% biodegradable
50% saving on conai taxes for weight of packaging
Breathable base
Product suitable for metal detector

Customization Gallery


Customer logo can be embossed in the central oval

Code Numerazione Size dimensions edge to edge in mm Pieces per pack
  AC Milano    
EUROPA2 2 2 140x190 350 (2x175)
EUROPA2b 2b 2b 150x220 300 (2x150)
EUROPA3 3 3 170x240 250 (2x125)
EUROPA4m 3l 4 190x270 200 (2x100)
EUROPA4 4 5 200x300 200 (2x100)
EUROPA5 5 6 230x320 120 (2x60)
EUROPA6 6 7 260x350 100 (2x50)
EUROPA7 7 8 290x385 100 (2x50)
EUROPA7b 7b 8b 310x420 80
EUROPA8 8 9 340x470 60
EUROPA9 9 10 370x505 50
EUROPA10 10 11 420x550 50
Shrinkwrapped then boxed
All products are certified for food contact and comply to regulations regarding food safety and traceability. Technical data sheets available.

This is a range which brings together the most requested items made of pure cellulose, produced without harming the environment and health. They are suitable for all food stuffs and can be used for sweet or savoury foods. The eco organic proposals represent a unique  and forward thinking solution with an excellent quality/price ratio.
Pure cellulose represents a new opportunity which was conceived to fulfil the needs of customers who are more sensitive and respectful of nature and ecology without renouncing quality and aesthetics.