Cake Boards and Strips

Scalloped Edged Round And Rectangular Boards

Black film on one side and gold on the other, attention to details, materials with excellent rigidity and resistance. These are all characteristics which guarantee this line of products a high level of performance. 

     2050 gr./mq.

     2400 gr./mq.

Technical features

Round and rectangular cake boards
Laminated cardboard with PET glossy gold film on one side and black film on the other 
Scalloped edged 

Black & Gold oversized scalloped edged boards
Duplex board made from crossed fibre board. Ideal for heavy products 
Scalloped edged 

Customization Gallery


Possibility to customise either the black or gold side
Centred or continuous printing in 1 to 4 colours 
Embossing or hot printing with coloured foil on the edge of the board
lamination with coloured films upon request 
Film and/or board which are suitable for metal detectors are possible

     The certificate FSC® is available on request 

  Black & Gold ala board 2050 gr./mq.
Code Description Pieces per Pack
DAK_ON from 20 to 40 by 2 cm. in 2 cm. 10

  Scalloped edged rectangular boards 2050 gr./mq.
Code Description Pieces per Pack
RAK1525ON 150x250 10
RAK1530ON 150x300 10
RAK1535ON 150x350 10
RAK1540ON 150x400 10

  Oversized scalloped edged boards gr./mq.
Code Pz. Code kg. Size in mm. Pieces per Pack Kg per Pack
RAN2535ON RAK2535ON 250x350 50 10
RAN3141ON RAK3141ON 310x410 50 10
RAN3949ON RAK3949ON 390x490 30 10
RAN4454ON RAK4454ON 440x540 20 10
Packed in shrink wrap
All products are certified for food contact and comply to regulations regarding food safety and traceability. Technical data sheets available.