Cake Boards and Strips

Chocolate & Cream Strips

Practical, elegant, with the added advantage of the double colour, the chocolate & cream boards add a touch of personality to your sweet or savoury packages.


Technical features

Laminated with brown PET film on one side and white PET film on the other
Product suitable for metal detectors


centred or continuous printing in 1 to 4 colours
can be laminated with coloured film
double sided tape can be applied to block the strip
can be produced in reels on request


     The certificate FSC® is available on request  


Code Size in cm Kg per Pack
STBM350 3x50 10
STBM370 3x70 10
STBM3100 3x100 10
STBM450 4x50 10
STBM470 4x70 10
STBM4100 4x100 10
STBM550 5x50 10
STBM570 5x70 10
STBM5100 5x100 10
STBM670 6x70 10
STBM6100 6x100 10
STBM770 7x70 10
STBM7100 7x100 10
Can be cut to size/ Packed in shrink wrap
All products are certified for food contact and comply to regulations regarding food safety and traceability. Technical data sheets available.