Square boxes

The traditional cake box, resistant, practical and with high quality printing.


Technical features

Glossy cardboard of highest quality giving excellent consistency and printing quality.
Polythene coated inner for food contact
No drip corners.

Customization Gallery


Hot printing on 2 or 4 sides in 1 or more colours
Centred or continual printing
External lamination with silver film or transparent film
In 5 working days

Patterned bases 
 Pearl Damask Effect
 Pink Stucco Effect

Full Plain Colours
Patterned Bases on Full Plain Colors
 Cream Damask Effect
 Red Damask Effect
 Blue Damask Effect
 Green Damask Effect

Laminated Colors
 Laminated Gold 
 Laminated White

 Natural White


Code Size in mm Pieces per pack
PTG17 170x170x70 100 (4x25)
PTG19 190x190x70 100 (4x25)
PTG21 210x210x70 100 (4x25)
PTG23 230x230x70 100 (4x25)
PTG25 250x250x70 100 (4x25)
PTG27 270x270x70 100 (4x25)
PTG29 290x290x70 100 (4x25)
PTG31 310x310x70 100 (4x25)
PTG33 330x330x70 100 (4x25)
PTG36 360x360x70 50 (4x25)
PTG39 390x390x70 50 (4x25)
PTG41 410x410x70 50 (4x25)
PTG43 430x430x70 50 (4x25)
PTG45 450x450x70 50 (4x25)
PTG50 500x500x70 50 (4x25)
Packed in shrinkwrap then boxed.
the products comply to the current regulations for food contact and traceability. They are complete with laboratory analysis results and technical data sheet.