Monumental Cake Boxes

For special cakes, particularly oversized ones or partcularly elaborate ones. The monumental cake boxes are resistant and give you the possibility of obtaining four different heights from just one box.

Technical features

Glossy board of the highest quality for excellent consistency and printing quality
Polythene coated inside with batch number printed inside
Four different heights from just one box

Customization Gallery


Hot printing in 1 or more colours
Continual printing
External lamination with silver, gold or transparent film

Monumental cake box / 4 heights from just one box

Code Size in cm Pieces per pack Complete kit
  Base min.height max. height    
PTMON31 31x31 23 43 10 white base-lid- base
PTMON41 41x41 29 50 10 white base-lid- base
The products comply to the current regulations for food contact and traceability. They are complete with laboratory analysis results and technical data sheet.