Individual cake holder

The cake holder fits into the stacking pastry boxes.

Technical features

High quality polythene coated cardboard on 2 sides
Useful for the safe transportation of cups, cupcakes and muffins 

Code Description Pieces per pack
ALVEOLO3 Cake holder for 3 PORTIONS 100
ALVEOLO4 Cake holder for 4 PORTIONS 100
ALVEOLO5 Cake holder for 5 PORTIONS 100
ALVEOLO6 Cake holder for 6 PORTIONS 100
ALVEOLO8 Cake holder for 8 PORTIONS 50
ALVEOLO12 Cake holder for 12 PORTIONS 50
ALVEOLO15 Cake holder for 15 PORTIONS 50
Shrinkwrapped packs.
The products comply to the current regulations for food contact and traceability. They are complete with laboratory analysis results and technical data sheet.