6 Cornered Box - Rectangular

The 6 cornered box, or 6 glue points is a practical and innovative way of packaging. It offers resistance and perfect printing quality. In the rectangular version it is particularly adapted to carry our range of trays.

Technical features

Glossy cardboard of highest quality giving excellent consistency and printing quality.
Polythene coated inner for food contact
Side closure with simple CLICK

Customization Gallery


Hot printing in 1 or 2 colours
Centred or continual printing
External lamination with silver, gold  or transparent film
In 5 working days

 Natural White

Patterned bases

Full base colors

 Laminated White  

Code Size in cm. Pieces per Pack Possible match with trays 
Series Lilium Series Trend Series Europa
PT6A1319 13.5x19x6.5 100 (4x25) 2 /
PT6A1522 15.5x22.5x6.5 100 (4x25) 2B 2B
PT6A1825 18x25x6.5 100 (4x25) 3 3
PT6A1927 19.5x27.5x6.5 100 (4x25) 4 3L
PT6A2130 21x30x6.5 100 (4x25) 5 4
PT6A2432 24x32x6.5 50 (2x25) 6 5
PT6A2634 26x34x6.5 50 (2x25) 7 /
PT6A2838 28x38x6.5 50 (2x25) 8 /
Packed in shrinkwrap then boxed
Products comply to current standards regarding direct food contact and are complete with certification, technical data sheet and traceability.