Adhesive Labels and Ribbons

Printed paper

The classic packaging method with printed paper or polypropylene film never loses its charm. Paper and film of highest quality and in different grammages and colours with numerous customisation possibilities. The result is packaging which is still synonymous to style and quality.

Technical features

Garlic skin paper and polypropylene film of highest quality
Standard grammage paper GSM 50g
Standard grammage film GSM 35g
Standard sheet size 75x100

Customization Gallery


1 or more colours on white background, background design and full colour background
The size of the sheets can be cut only as divisons of the sizes 75x100-50x75+35x50
Ramage Newline Artigian Carta

Garlic skin paper for food contact / Generic print

Code Size in mm Packs of Kg Colours available for generic paper


10 Pink roses or white damask effect

Garlic skin paper for food contact / Customised prints

Description Gr./Mq. Printable minimum in Kg Packs of Kg
Garlic skin paper for food contact


150 10
Garlic skin paper plus background design 50 150 10
Garlic skin paper + printing in 1 colour 50 150 10
Garlic skin paper + printing in 2 colours 50 150 10
Polypropylene 35 100 10
Pearlised 35 100 10
Polypropylene silver/gold 35 100 10
N.B: to reach the minimum quantity for printing, all the sheet sizes can be included/there is the possibility of printing quantities which are lower than the minimum requested but with a slight price increase, please ask for a quote.
The products comply to the current regulations for food contact and are complete with certifications, technical data sheet  and traceability