What is FSC


Respect for the environment has always been a fundamental point in the production of Artigian Carta products. By obtaining  FSC® certification (FSC® C146621) in February 2019 the company has confirmed its commitment to safeguarding the environment.

The  FSC® Certification attests the legality and sustainability of the wood-paper production chain, in agreement with the most current responsible management standards of the resource and respect in its use.

Specifically, Artigiancarta has obtained the certification of Chain of Custody (COC) and complies to the standard FSC®-STD-40-004 v3.0 for the following processes and products:

·           Purchase of board and card in reels or in sheets FSC® mix or FSC® recycled.

·           Production of packaging and tableware made from board and card in FSC® mix and FSC® recycled

·           Commercialisation of industrial packaging and tableware in board and card in FSC®100%  and FSC®

The complete list of the product groups to which the certification is applicable, is available on the FSC® database. Search for our FSC® certified products.

FSC® certification is designed to supply a credible guarantee that the products which are sold with the FSC® symbol come from well managed forests, controlled sources, recuperated materials or a mix of these.

The FSC® CoC therefore facilitates the transparent flow of goods produced from these material products via the supply chain

After the important UNI EN ISO 9001 certification and the attainment of the BRCS PKG, Artigian Carta  can now supply further guarantees regarding quality and respect of the environment, enabling its customers to make responsible choices in ecological matters when purchasing its products.