The first News of 2020

Between the end of 2019 and the first months of 2020 Artigian Carta confirmed its usual trend of activity and innovation by working on numerous new products which should have been released in this period of time.
Unfortunately, the health crisis which has affected Italy and the whole world has meant that our organisational timetable has been delayed, but we want to be hopeful for the future and for this reason we are pleased to present some of our new products, starting with those that PHASE 2 has made key players , that is to say those items destined for use for take outs and takeaways.
More than ever in these times it is fundamental for all businesses offering delivery and take out services to be able to have perfect packaging available to guarantee hygiene, safety, functionality and appearance. For this reason our goods can be customised to a high standard either by printing on the production line or with the EasyPack 72 hour service.

Let yourself be bowled over by our new packaging, with our round, square and rectangular trays combined with a box and a safety seal, Artigian Carta re-invents packaging to satisfy the needs of this particular moment, providing a safe and efficient packaging for your delivery service which protects both those delivering and those receiving. Always by your side, this is only the beginning of a long list of new products, a demonstration of a company which is propositive with its eye to the markets, dynamic and quick in living immediate solutions to the
changing market and customer needs.

Because Tomorrow is built today!

Takeout catalogue 2020

For further information and to request a price list, please contact your regional agent or send us an email to or call+39.0575.789977


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