Our take- out range, a revolution for food delivery packaging

The second wave of the pandemic has unfortunately changed once more the habits of  consumers and manufacturers.

For this reason Artigian Carta has renewed its offer aimed at all the businesses which work with a delivery and take out service. For them and for the safety of their consumers, we have studied some product combinations  to ensure perfect packaging and to guarantee hygiene, safety and functionality without ever forgetting appearance. All the items of the Take Out range can be customised by printing on pour production line or with our Easy Pack service of 72H.

In these delicate times  Artigian Carta is by your side again offering quality packaging which has been reinvented to satisfy the needs of this particular moment, offering a safe and efficient take out services which safeguards those delivering and those receiving the goods.

Artigian Carta demonstrates day after day, demand after demand, that  it is a reliable and forward thinking partner which is always attentive to its Customers’ needs.

For further information and to request a price list, please contact your area agent or send us an email to or give us a call on +39.0575.789977.
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