New for 2021, The Easy Pack Range gets some new additions

It is with great pleasure that we present you with another of the many new additions to the Artigian Carta selection which have so far characterised 2021: the increase of the Easy pack Range which is now being completed with the very latest satin ribbons, single portion boxes and chocolate and cream round cake boards.

The Easy Pack range, thanks to the possibility of customising just one pack of Artigian Carta’s products in a really short time (only 72 hours) allows those companies which have very little space available in their warehouse and don’t want to order big quantities, not to have to forego the opportunity of amazing their customers by offering packaging customised with their company name.

In this way the packaging becomes the first publicity instrument for your company, bringing your signature directly to the table of the final users, telling them your story and the story of your products, transmitting values and identity.

Please be reminded that the possibility of customising paper doilies will soon be taken off the price list.

Discover the world of Artigian Carta, Let yourself be transported by its new additions!
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