Everyone is crazy about Street Food

Street Food is not only a fashionable trend but above all it is a new way to enjoy the age old relationship of a culture with its own gastronomical tradition, with its roots, re-inventing it every day in innovative, surprising, practical and above all delicious ways.

In virtue of this trend which shows no sign of slowing down, Artigian Carta would like to introduce you to its Street Food range: plates, crepes and pancake holders, shallow trays, cold cut boards with handle, piadina and wrap holders and the entire bio-ka range, with its huge choice of plates, plates for buns and rolls, fried food containers and pizza plates, all of which are ecosustainable and customisable.

A range which has everything to keep your business up to date, a further confirmation of the attention which Artigian Carta is dedicating to market needs, to customer needs and future perspectives.

For further information and to request a price list please contact Artigian Carta by sending an email to or by calling +39.0575.789978.
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