Elegance, attention to detail and quality to best show off your individual portions

Single portion patisserie, a refined expression of art and ability require special types of packaging to enhance these tiny works of art.
Artigian Carta can now offer its customers the new single portion plates in Black & Gold finish and Cream & Chocolate finish in a variety of shapes.
We have added the new square shape 10x10 to the classic round and rectangular trays. The whole range has been improved thanks to new moulds and shapes which provide more rigidity and resistance to humidity: with Artigian Carta, the only limit is your own imagination.
Choose your single portion trays from the variety of shapes and colours in the version gold/ with black rear black/with gold rear, cream/with chocolate rear and chocolate/with cream rear.
Make your single portion patisserie a veritable masterpiece: choose Artigian Carta’s single portion trays.
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