Design and eco-sustainability for the New Street Food Range by Artigian Carta

After the excellent reception of our range of goods aimed at the take away market and for food consumed on the spot, it’s now time to satisfy the tendency which is redefining the eating habits of Italians: Street Food.

The consumption of ‘street food’ in the widest sense of the word has without doubt been accelerated by the new needs of a market which strongly feels the changes to our habits which have been forced on us, but the trend was already in the air even before the current health emergency  we are facing at the moment.

The Street Food Range which actually is widely used in canteens and catering, was studied for a traditional use in normal times which we now await once more with strength and courage.

It is for this reason that Artigian Carta is proud to present the extension of its Street Food Range: to the tried and tested plastic coated plates and crepes holders, we have added the low model trays, platters with handle, wrap holders and the whole range of bio-ka: plates, small plates for hamburgers and rolls, dishes for fried food and pizza plates. Lots of new items which demonstrate that Artigian Carta is attentive to market trends, customer needs and future prospects.

For further information and to request a price list, you can contact the company by sending an email to or by calling +39 0575789978.
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