ACompost, Artigiancarta’s new registered trademark

Food packaging is the focus of particular attention because if on one side in recent years it has seen an important increase, on the other it is  easily linked to the theme of the environment due to how it is disposed of.
Artigiancarta therefore, strengthened by a decade of experience in this field, has immediately committed itself to reformulating its own products. It is for this reason that next to the items with the trademark “recyclable with paper Aticelca ® 501” and the external packaging in recyclable plastic it is ready to present ACompost, the highly desired registered trademark which identifies compostable items.
In its name you can find AC as in Artigian Carta and COMPOST as in compostable, bringing together all the company’s green philosophy in one word. So, as from today, the compostable products can be easily identified among the vast range of goods we  offer our customers.

For all professionals who prefer to  purchase and use recyclable or compostable products, Artigian Carta is the right partner supplying certified products.
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