ArtigianCarta, a company specialised in the production of cardboard products for the food industry, with an in house, vertical production cycle, guarantees products with the maximum quality and food safety.

It is always attentive in the search for raw materials and design, so adding value to the items destined to be contained in its products. Artigiancarta, with its own designers, studies and develops innovative containers, often made to measure for the customer, helping and advising the customer to solve packaging problems through projects, prototypes and samples produced within the company, always guaranteeing maximum privacy.

The company was Quality certified according to the normative UNI EN ISO 9001 in 2001 and for every year since, applied to processing/design and since 2016 it is certified according to the BRC/IoP. Our packaging complies to the Italian and EU regulations (Reg. EC 1935/2004 Reg. UE 10/2011). Our company also applies the Good Manufacturing Practices according to the Regulation EC 2023/2006 and has carried out an evaluation of the risks associated with hygiene and sanitary matters.

ArtigianCarta is sensitive and attentive to the respect of the environment. Its production which is 100% recyclable, aims to limit any type of impact for the environment.
For a long time ArtigianCarta has been working on and implementing the two main points of the European packaging law: the reduction of the weight of the containers (+40%) and the passage from multi material containers to containers made from one material only which can be recycled after use.


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